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We Are Sorry To Inform You That We Are Now Closed For Business

Whatever your sewing needs, Sundrop has the right fabrics, patterns, and notions to get you sewing! Our friendly service and knowledgeable staff can help you put your order together from start to finish. We specialize in hard-to-find, unusual fabrics and patterns for outerwear and activewear, but we also carry a full line of 100% cotton interlocks and woven prints and solids. We carry "Green" fabrics and a selection of fashion fabrics. For our in store customers we have a full line of Husqvarna Viking, Pfaff & Singer sewing machines and sergers.  If you like to sew, we have a lot to offer!

Even though you can order by phone, fax, or from our website, our service is very old fashioned. Give us the pattern number and size, and we will check the pattern for you. Need thread? Notions? Just say so and we'll get busy matching thread colour and choosing a zipper in the right length and colour.

We all work in a fabric store because we love to sew, and we would love to help you sew too! We will not substitute your order without your approval, and although things can get a little hectic at times, we try to process orders the day we receive them. Enjoy our website and Sew Up a Storm!

Meet a Sundrop Girl

Della : Better known as the Head of the Sundrop Girls or at least that is what they let her think!!! Della bought the business in 2007 and has been having fun trying to keep the Sundrop Girls in line ever since. Sewing has always been a part of Della's life as her Mum was an avid sewer and crafter and passed on the love of it all to her at a young age. The sewing carried on right through Highschool with Tailoring and Design and then later in life was certified with Islander Sewing as an instructor. The journey eventually led to Sundrop and the journey continues with all the new innovations in sewing, serging and embroidery. The biggest change being the move in May 2012 to the current location at 1460 Prairie Ave. in Port Coquitlam. Allowing the Sundrop Sewing Lounge to open and better access for all the customers.

Jennifer : What can we say about Jennifer?? Well, first off she has been with us the longest of any Sundrop Girl and she is pretty much irreplaceable! (But don’t tell her that!) Her sewing skills (not to mention her organizational skills!) are amazing and she is the most prolific sewer we know. Apparently her husband leaves for work every morning before 5 and she gets up with him, sees him off and then sews until it is time to go to work - the only proof we have of this is that she’s usually ready to conk out by 8 pm!! She is teaching for us more and more so you can benefit as well, from her knowledge and sewing experience, we’ll try to encourage her to sleep in on the days she is teaching nights so she doesn’t nod off in class!!

Lori:  is the original Sundrop Girl, having been with us in one capacity or another from the beginning.  Anyone who has taken the Tuesday evening standard, Sundrop Sewing Workshop, has met Lori and learnt from her.  She has a wealth of sewing knowledge to share and she manages to satisfy the beginner sewers along with the experts while providing that extra bit of help and encouragement to all.  So if you're set on taking a class we don't currently offer or the dates don't suit you, just sign up for Tuesday nights and Lori will see you're well taken care of. 

On her off time, as seen in the photo, she 'holidays hearty', not a lot of sitting on the beach for Lori.  She is our official tester of any new high tech fabrics.  Outfitting both herself and her husband in Sundrop Action Wear, they always look stylish and feel comfortable whether cycling the Oregon Coast, hiking the West Coast Trail or climbing the Grouse Grind.  Lori know's how to sweat pretty!

And if her teaching and sewing skills were not enough , she is also employed as Sundrop's Bookkeeper!!  Lori is truly a gem, filling in where needed and sewing store samples at a furious pace. We truly value this Sundrop Girl's contribution towards our continued success.

Carolyn: Our very own software specialist!! Carolyn certainly knows her way around a computer and has taken on the challenge of teaching our software classes. Her patience and understanding make her a real gem of a teacher. Her skills go far beyond the computer, she also teaches sewing and serging classes for Sundrop and always has rave reviews!!Carolyn is always willing to step in where ever she is needed and whenever a sample is needed she is ready and willing to sew one. She somehow manages to do all this for us in between all her other activites with her busy family, her coaching and all her other activities.

April: Is one of our Palmer/Plestch Certified Instructors, you will find many of the classes she teaches will be based around the Palmer/Plestch Fit System. April has been a Sundrop Girl for a number of years and is always coming up with something new and creative to make. She is known for her "Bling" on her projects but she is also known for her delicate heiloom projects as well. She defiantely likes a challenge when it comes to sewing, whether it is creating the perfect prom dress for someone, a one of a kind swim suit or redesigning the tent on the Land Rover, if it can be sewn she will tackle it if the need arises!!

Wendy: Is also one of our Palmer/Plestch Certified Instructors, you will find many of the classes she teaches will be based around the Palmer/Plestch Fit System. Wendy has been a Sundrop Girl for many years and we love to tease her about all the sewing machines she has and she somehow manages to use most of them. Though Wendy has a busy life including spending time with her grandchildren, she always manages to sew up a storm. If she can't find a pattern for what she wants to make she creates her own. She has a flair for fashion and always knows what the "In" thing is for the season and she incorporates it in her sewing. She has an eye for detail and always puts the finishing touch on her projects.

Diane: Our newest Sundrop Girl and resident Quilter and fastest Cancer Cap producer there is!! Diane is one of our main quilters in the store but she can also sew up pretty much anything else as well. She is a great organizer so between her and Jennifer they might get Della organized one day!! Diane has been a major sewer of the cancer caps that we donate to the BC Cancer Centre she has it down to an art. She is also an avid knitter and when she isn't quilting and sewing other items she is knitting caps for the Cancer Centre as well.

We are very proud of our Sundrop Girls, they are all great sewers and bring different styles and skills to our store. They love to sew and they love helping others grow with their sewing too.


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